Roath Park Lake Reflections and Captain Scott Memorial BY Steffan Johnson Art


A landscape painting of the Captain Scott Memorial, at Roath park lake.

By: SteffanJohnsonArt


Steffan Johnson Art

Roath Park Lake Reflections and Captain Scott Memorial captures a bright, sunny day at Roath Park lake, Cardiff. The cafe is bustling, the water is warm and reflective and the trees are throwing out their lush green leaves. I drive past this view most days on the way to work and the tower clock memorial is always a striking and wonderful view from wherever you are at the lake. The lake is a hub or runners, dog walkers and families and has brought so much joy and pleasure for many throughout the years. This is the first in a series that I am painting on the the theme of Roath park lake.

It has been wrap painted, so is ready to hang, or it can be suitably framed.

45 x 35 cm painted on Belle Arti Fine textured canvas.

Hand signed by the artist.

April 2024.

Additional information

Dimensions 35 × 45 cm
Captain Scott Memorial, Roath Park Lake

Cardiff, Roath park, lake, water, Abstract reflections, water reflections, spring, bright summer skies, summer, colours of summer, Holiday Memories, memorial, Captain Scott, realism, traditional, oil painting, water