NATURE’S BEAUTY by Victoria Meering


acrylic painting
original art


Original artwork.

Acrylic art on stretched canvas of silver birch tree.

Painting from a photograph taken by a 5 time Olympic Archer.

By: Victoria Meering


acrylic painting
Natural Beauty – original acrylic painting on canvas

Original artwork from a photograph. When a friend sent me a photo she thought I would love, I knew I had to paint it.
She is an incredible lady who is a 5 time Olympic Archer!
She is one of the most humble people I have the privilege to have met.
As a thanks for her dedication and determination, I painted this work of art with her in mind.

My original artwork taken from observation of trees.
Painted using Daler Rowney acrylic paints. The painting is signed and will be posted unframed as is painted on a stretched canvas therefore is ready to hang.

All work is original and they are one off pieces of contemporary watercolour art. This means that when you purchase any of my contemporary artwork, you know nobody else has the same watercolour painting.

I became a contemporary artist because there is a fire burning inside me that compels me to give it expression. When I am making art, I am my most authentic self. Over the last thirty years, I have been passionate about art, using diverse media and subject matter. This has culminated in a love of trees, hares and cats.

My speciality is contemporary paintings that depicts trees.

When beginning a new piece of art, I allow myself to become absorbed into the work, allowing freedom of expression to flow.

**This painting is unframed

40 X 40 X 2 CMS
16 X 16 X 0.5 INCHES

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Dimensions 40 × 40 cm