“White Egret 111 -river Asker”

 “How would you describe your style?” 

I originally trained in Natural History Illustration and later, Fine Art. I would describe my style as realistic impressionism with lively atmospheric paintings, while also keeping realism for more detailed Illustration work (I have worked with Dorset Wildlife Trust for over 35 years producing illustrations for their reserves and county wide projects)   

“Lemon Light, Mary’s well Lane Kingcombe”

“Tell us more about ‘Lemon Light, Mary’s Well Lane Kingcombe’, its subject, process of creation and techniques used?

I am usually drawn to the sea and rushing rivers. Kingcombe Meadows, in the heart of Dorset, is also a Wildlife Trust reserve, with its ancient hedgerows, woodlands and the River Hooke flowing proudly through. While preparing for an Exhibition at Kingcombe I spent much time at the reserve over several months and became intrigued with this ancient green lane. March heralds signs of spring, and a favourite season of mine. I used photos and sketches made over winter and spring to create a layout, transferring this to canvas. Working in acrylic I build thin layers of paint, creating light and movement in the new leaf growth as it began to create a canopy. I used ‘dry’ brush technique to highlight and create the movement. 

“Pinkfoot Geeseat Dunnet Bay”

Paintings such as ‘Pinkfoot Geese at Dunnet Bay’ were painted outside of Dorset.  How important to your work is travel and exploration of new landscapes?”  

Pinkfoot Geese does epitomise my combined love of landscape…and geese!  Travel is important, and you don’t need to go far, for the experience of a new landscape, especially on the coast. I also enjoy revisiting, as weather and season can make for new experiences also. Two years ago I travelled to all 15 UK National Parks, in one journey, and painted in each. It opened my eyes not only to the different feeling of each Park, but also to the joy of en plein air painting. I do work on canvas, though prefer primed Fabriano watercolour paper when working in the landscape on my easel. I enjoy the immediacy of working outside, seeing the bigger picture.

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