I Am A Bibliophile (SOLD)


A soft pastel painting of old books arranged on five rows of bookshelves, each row filling an aperture in a long narrow frame.  It is an unusual still life, both in format as in subject, and I have tried to bring as much colour and shape variation as possible into something which could easily look monotonous.

35cm x 65cm

By: Alexandra Lavizzari Artist


A soft pastel painting of five bookshelves filled with beautiful old books. I wanted to give this still life of another kind a feel of old Dutch paintings, applying mainly warm colours standing out of a dark background. Some books are a bit damaged, but most of them look like objects for bibliophiles, and yet the overall impression is that these books have been read and studied.

I have given just one book a real title which is legible, all the other titles are fictitious and in letters that seem real but actually are not.

I had a lot of fun painting these bookshelves in pastels, though it was very time consuming. Also there were some new challenges I had to battle with, the main one being that I had to find a way to create a unity and balance among the shelves without being repetitive.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 2 × 65 cm

Still Life

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