“Wild Flowers 1”

Working from my home studio in Ottery St Mary, I am drawn to the untamed landscapes surrounding me – the Jurassic coastline with crumbling cliffs, the vastness of Dartmoor and the exquisite Devon countryside. I am inspired by the textures, changing tones and light of the seasons and the colours of the landscape and sea here in the South West of England. My career and studies in graphic design, psychotherapy and world travels also influence my art.

“Poems for the Soul”

During the pandemic, my art practice became more process-driven and abstract where fragments of nature and everyday life are reworked through the creative process. I work mainly in water-based mediums on canvas, wood and paper. My passion for experimentation and play allows my artistic voice to evolve and keeps me engaged with my work.
My approach starts intuitively – mark-making layers and textures are built up using a variety of water-based mediums including acrylic, ink, charcoal, pastels, collage and graphite. I subtract through drawing, scraping, washing and sanding back into the layers which creates a rich surface history. I alternate working intuitively and analytically until the composition and design is balanced.

“Was I dreaming ?”

I collect interesting objects which I keep in my studio for inspiration and mark-making including tide-line objects, dried seed heads, seaweed, flowers and fossils.

My new work celebrates colour and includes elements of landscape, flowers and figures. I hope my vibrant paintings can offer a moment of joyful reflection from the mundane.

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