Unique shell pendant, hand dyed silk cord, details of sterling silver frosted beads.


Make a statement with this bespoke pendant from my Earth’n’Ocean range. The three Ostrich Foot shells are beautifully threaded together with a subtle shade of hand dyed silk cord and the frosted silver beads give a pretty finishing touch.



A perfect shell pendant for the summer, tactile with fluid organic lines. The ring like ‘lip’ of the Ostrich Foot shells are from my travels to New Zealand and are actually the sturdy part left after the shell has been tumbled over and over by the sea. All are individual in shape and colouring, therefore, each piece I create will be totally unique.

I wanted to design shell jewellery unlike anything I’ve seen before, letting the natural shapes dictate the outcome. I have entwined the soft, hand dyed silk cord around the shells, choosing shades that blend beautifully with their natural colours. Enhancing the shells without overpowering them.

The finishing detailing in the design is the subtle touch of a sparkle where I have included 5 mm frosted silver beads. The fastening on this pendant is sterling silver with a strong magnet that simply snaps firmly and securely together. The silk cord is durable and the dye colour is fast. The whole necklace can be gently hand washed in warm soapy water.

A tactile pendant that can be enjoyed year after year for many summers to come.

Colour – Pale Rust

Lenghth of silk cord – 24″

Length of shell part of pendant – 5″