Portrait Of A Silky Rooster by ALEXANDRA LAVIZZARI


Soft pastel portrait of a silky rooster. 

25cm x 25cm.

Art Buyers: Visualise how this would look at home! If you send us a photo of your home, we can digitally insert this artwork onto your wall. This is a complementary free service.

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ALEXANDRA LAVIZZARI  Portrait of a Silky Rooster in soft pastel on Pastelmat paper. This lovely rooster lives in a pet zoo with other farm animals in Switzerland. I took many photographs of him and chose to blend two different portrait images into this one which shows him, in my opinion, at his best: he seems wrapped into deep thoughts and at the same time is discreetly showing off his beautiful silky feathers, his deep red comb and wattle. To make the light colour of his feathers stand out I set him off against a simple brown background.

The picture has a generous white mount and comes in a wooden frame of soft cream-pink colour which harmonises well with the dominant warm tones of the painting.

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