Full Moon Over Burnham-an-Sea BY Alexandra Lavizzari


Soft pastel painting of the low lighthouse on the beach of Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset in a dramatic full moon night.

The painting comes in a pearl grey mount and bespoke blue wooden frame and measures, frame included, 34cm x 41 cm.

By: Exhibition Charity


Soft pastel painting of the iconic low lighthouse on the beach of Burnham-on-Sea – a landmark of Somerset, which attracts many visitors, and me for one. I have painted the area around Burnham several times and in various seasons, and this time I wanted to enhance the romantic character of this quaint and beautiful little lighthouse by setting it, at low tide, against a dramatic night sky lit by a full moon.

The sky is the main feature of this artwork; the movement of the clouds and the strong colours emanating from the moon give the sky a wild aspect which strongly contrasts with the serene beach and the firmly anchored building.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 34 × 41 cm

Somerset Landscape