Fire and Ice Abstract Acrylic Pour SOLD



By: Kat Parkin


I love to do acrylic pouring because of its fluid, cell like qualities combined with strong colour and abstract shapes. I was inspired to start pouring as I see a lot of energy, like synapses and pathways which tie in heavily with my large ongoing project – The Journey of my Life.

I mix acrylic carefully with water and pour on canvas, I then blow the shapes and colours entirely by mouth and lung power! I have developed a unique style by manipulating the paint rather than pouring on and hoping for the best. I also focus on using all of the paint and not wasting it off the sides of the board.. the result? a lot of colours, shapes, depth and texture.

This piece has black, white, blues, green and gold which give it fire, ice and volcanic qualities. It looks like mountains from above and it is truly stunning.

NOTE *** This piece already has an interested buyer so may not be available for long but I am happy to do commissions in similar colours if interested ***

Original and signed, these can never recreated.

Size 20 x 30 inches, on canvas.


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Acrylics, Black and White