TREE OF FIRE by Victoria Meering


watercolour painting of an old oak

original artwork on Yupo paper 42×29.7cms

contemporary artist of trees

tree, watercolour painting
watercolour painting
By: Victoria Meering



watercolour painting of a tree
tree in full autumn bloom

Autumn Beauty by watercolour artist Victoria Meering is an original painting

As an artist, watercolour paints are one of my favourite mediums to create with. I produce original contemporary artworks to adorn home or office

This original watercolour painting is of a beautiful ancient oak tree, painted using Brusho watercolour crystals on Yupo paper. The overall effect is perfect for depicting the uniqueness of this old oak tree

The artworks I produce are original watercolour paintings at affordable prices. The works are ready to frame and would adorn either home or office

This magnificent tree was one I came across whilst walking near to hime in Hampshire, England, UK

Many of the watercolour artworks I produce are done on Yupo paper A3 size, 42×29.7cms

Autumn is a time of year that I love and is how I paint many of the trees

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Dimensions 42 × 29.7 cm