A drawing of an imaginary city nesting in sand dunes processed digitally to create a modern abstract work of art in warm golden hues.

46cm x 46cm

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By: Alexandra Lavizzari Artist


This digitalised drawing abstract, which I call ‘Golden City‘ originates from a drawing I made of the sun setting on an imaginary city nesting in sand dunes. My drawing was strongly relying on lines and various golden brown hues and when it was finished I immediately recognised the potential of transforming it into a very modern abstract work of art. The city and the dunes are still visible, but the focus is now more on the play of forms, shapes, lines as well as on the transition of the colours from light to dark and from yellow to brown.

I have added a thin reddish brown line to frame and fix the abstract on the paper. It comes as a first rate giclée print on archival paper in a limited edition of 25.

The over all impression of ‘Golden City’ is very bright and luminous, modern and also somewhat attention seeking. The more one looks at it the more one can read images into it, which makes it quite an intriguing art work. Its warm golden hues make it particularly suited for a room with light coloured walls.

The print comes in a nice white wooden frame.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 46 × 3 × 46 cm

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