Grant Notten

Grant Notten is a contemporary artist living in South West England in a beautiful rural place near Dartmoor National Park. Born in South Africa, Grant had a wild upbringing on a game reserve where he encountered a very different way of life. He recalls fond memories of having many exciting close encounters with lion, leopard, elephant and other big game. He had the fortune of learning about the bush and tracking from legendary Shangaan tracker, Joe Matabula. It is here where he developed a deep love for the natural world, its primal beauty, smells, sounds and energy, and it is here where he first was inspired to paint as a young boy. His artwork is a reflection of his adventurous life, living close to nature.

He has worked with renown artists, and over time developed his own unique style. He paints predominantly in oil and acrylic and by combining the use of colour and subtle form evokes an emotional and reflective response. Painting is an exciting process for him, a feeling of being on the edge and discovering what emerges in the process. This timeless freedom comes through in his work. His paintings are in private collections in several countries around the world.

A few years ago Grant and his wife and children embarked on an epic adventure, and for a year they lived in the wildest parts of Southern Africa, traveling and living in forests, deserts, bushveld and caves. This experience reshaped their lives and deepened their appreciation for the wilderness.  He has now been moved by the natural beauty of Dartmoor, the forests, steams and Moors where he now lives with his family. This ancient landscape has stirred something deep inside of him.

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