Sharing the Art of Happiness

Entertainments promoter, writer and broadcaster, Ursula Radford is inspired by the countryside, children, folklore and worlds of yesteryear.

In the 1990’s she developed Conspectus Art from techniques she observed in mediaeval cartography. Film animation experience provided techniques she added to her range of work that has achieved popular appeal in Europe, the USA, Grand Cayman and the British West Indies, Canada, Africa and Australia.

Accepted into the Association of British Naïve Artists, Ursula first produced a ‘Tranquillity’ series of dream-style landscapes and scenes of bygone days that featured in her exhibitions in Devon and Cornwall.

In her current naive “Art of Happiness” series she prompts memories or knowledge for some, and imagination for others who recognise the peace and pleasures within her works’ timeless humour.      

In commissioned work Ursula includes aspects of happiness that especially relate to the lives of people, approaching church for a wedding, Morris dancing, work, interests and hobbies or locations of individuals, families or friends;  and Ursula can be contacted by calling 01837 840547 or using email [email protected]


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