Sue O'Sullivan

I was born and grew up in London and now live in Wiltshire.

My art is inspired by my passion for nature and I love creating colourful unique abstracts , I also paint landscapes which usually incorporate trees or the ocean.

My favourite medium is acrylic and I  like to experiment with texture and use a variety of tools to apply paint to create different effects.

Monet and Turner inspired my early interest in art and my love of impressionism has influenced my work which is constantly evolving

A love of travel has taken me to some beautiful places which have been an inspiration for many of my works.

Art is a very personal thing so I also work with clients to create a bespoke piece of art. Maybe to evoke a memory of a favourite place or just fill a blank wall with something striking. I can create a painting for you in your choice of colours and a size to fit your "space".  Please get in touch for a no obligation chat to discuss your vision.

You can read more about me here at

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like more images of my work.

T 07867 522088



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