I have always tended to be a thematic photographer, concentrating on, and hopefully delving as deep as possible into whichever theme interested me. Around 12 years ago, whilst firmly embedded in portraiture as my theme, I became interested in various tribal and ethnic minorities in India and South-East Asia. I made simple portraits of these people to begin with, but after a few years, started to search out where their holy places of worship were and to photograph their rituals. I make one photographic trip a year, and for the last five years my partner and I have travelled to India, exploring ritual worship in the central state of Madhya Pradesh.
I would like to take the opportunity of this platform to show this work over a period of time, starting with the portraits.
All of my work is shot on black and white film which I process and then print in my darkroom using only traditional printing techniques.

Website: http://www.premgit.co.uk

Email:[email protected]

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