I paint impressions from my memory, of places, colours, emotions. I try to describe the energy of nature in my work, the changing seasons, the power of the sea, the beauty of flowers, and the elemental forces of weather.

I comment quietly on our environment. It feels challenging to describe the beauty of nature in paint, but I am driven to try.

Currently, I am working with acrylics building up layers, and scraping back to reveal the history of a painting. This creates rich marks and interesting textures. My work is expressive, intuitive, fresh, and bursting with colour.

In 2021 Lynn's work was chosen for the prestigious Society of Women Artists and the ING Discerning Eye exhibition in the Mall Galleries, London. Lynn has been featured in Bath Life magazine, Inside Art, and Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine.

Born in Berkshire to Scottish parents Lynn spent much of her early life painting. A misstep in her school years led her to London where she graduated with a science degree. She worked in management consultancy and magazine publishing until 2000 when she became a professional photographer of gardens and plants. This led to her taking up her brushes again in the late '90s and today she works from her studio in Frome, Somerset combining both photography and painting.


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