Kathy Laity


All of my work comes from my love of colour, form, shape and the natural world. I live and create in Cornwall, having married a Cornishman. You’ll find me out exploring the coast, the beaches, the inner hidden landscapes and drawing inspiration from what I experience.

I’ve come to art later in life, having been a writer and author for many years and working in textile art. It happened almost by accident when I had a period of illness where I wasn’t able to write or read. Instead, I began ‘playing’ with art and colour. During this healing season I began to develop a deep love of creating and noticed my art reflecting some of my own personal journey.

As a Christian, my faith inevitably influences how I see the world and what I create. My eye is drawn to beauty and in my own work I desire to communicate the beautiful aspects of life that will lift and encourage the viewer.

Usually abstract but with underlying themes and signature colours, people ‘see’ different things in the same picture and this gives me great joy as most of the creations have multiple layers.

So, I consider my work as an artist rather unconventional and I tend to break established rules usually because I don’t know them rather than deliberate rebellion. I just like experimenting and seeing what effects are created when I mix different mediums together.

I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me as you view my art and that something of the beauty and joy I see around me is communicated to you.


Kathy's contact details:   healingpool@hotmail.co.uk

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