Following a general art and design course, Helen went on to study metal smithing and jewellery at HND but during 2007 she discovered lampworking - the art of melting coloured rods of glass using a flame, then manipulating it into various objects. Helen found the chance to use colour after years of working with silver and gold was infectious and had soon set herself up a small lampwork studio.

At art college she was constantly having to battle against her instinct to use precision and symmetry in her work “I can remember one lecturer took away all my brushes, gave me a huge piece of paper, some paint and told me to use my hands in an attempt to free up my style, it was completely alien to me as I had always worked small and with lots of detail.” Both these characteristics are well suited to lampworking and as such are evident in her work. She likes to layer the glass to give lots of depth and although only small, some of her art beads can take in excess of 3 hours to create. In April of 2014 she was invited to be one of the 4 guest artists at the UK Flame Off, the biggest event of its kind in Europe. She has written tutorials for national and international magazines and had her work featured in books and museum collections.
Helen teaches lampwork and Silversmithing from her East Devon studio and she offers a range of tuition packages to suit all.

Member of: International Society of Glass Beads , Glass Beads UK, British Lampwork