Emma Philippa Maeve

Emma Philippa Maeve

Emma Philippa Maeve is a professional visual artist who has been working with architectural patterns since 2018 although she is based in Bath, UK.  Emma has spent a lot of time travelling and living abroad predominately in China. By taking notes and drawing, during her travels her work represents the cultural and diverse changes in China.  Her art and textile designs are inspired by the most natural and scenic architectural visions in South East Asia.

Her design collection of Zhangjiajie, China focuses on the different terrains of the landscapes. In particular, her research introduces a variation of the landscapes in the Hunan province development to which it is then replicated in a landscape and abstract jagged vegetation.

This collection of architectural patterns represents various countries and a deep understanding of what we can save and destroy as a human society.

The development of her work is then created onto prints and merchandises that has been made and produced solely in the UK by using small businesses and by using digital technology to print onto luxurious fabrics such as velvets, silks, linens and cottons inspired by an abstract approach.


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