Donna Lloyd


Freelance painter and florist Donna Lloyd is invigorated and inspired by nature, working from her studio. Her bold painterly pictures appear to be lit from within, perfectly capturing the mood, tone and unique ambiance of the wild and changing seasons. Each image is loaded with visual momentos taken from these experiences in the landscape. Every image is the result of a considered yet, totally compulsive process of decision making and decisive creative action. Nature develops in an internal and intuitive space deep within, which allows the viewer to feel connected through their own experiences of similar landscapes.


Donna has numerous diplomas in creative fields, she also has a background in working with people in crisis being there at some of the most vulnerable times in a persons life. She likes to express an affordable vision of loveliness and warmth in all her work using various mixed mediums.


Commissions welcome.


Email:¬†[email protected]

Mobile: 07975506955