Born Nicosia, Cyprus, is a full-time visual artist working in the style of abstract expressionism both in the UK and Cyprus. Dimitri’s work is often characterized by gestural brush-strokes and mark-making, and the impression of spontaneity evokes the aim to make art that while abstract was also expressive or emotional in its effect. Creating swirling and spinning lines, thin and broad, the large canvas‘ resonate a carnival Dionysian festivity.  Very often large in scale, my work is at times intense, spontaneous and deeply engaging.

I also have been working for many years on the notion of 'Presence', divine/human presence producing abstract imagery depicting portals or windows or gateways that allow the viewer to enter, be absorbed or contemplate, reflect on others and themselves. This process has been realized from studying and understanding the significance of traditional Greek Orthodox icons.


Elements Gallery, Larnaka, Cyprus. 2018

North Street Gallery, Devon. UK. 2018

Gloria Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus. 2017

Elements Gallery, Larnaka, Cyprus. 2017

Cornaro Art Institute, Cyprus. 2017

North Street Gallery, Devon. 2014
iStorm Gallery, Exeter. 2010
The Studio, Exeter. 2012
Exeter Open Studios. 2010
The Gallery, Tavistock. 2008
St. Martins, Birmingham 2006/2007

LICC, London 2005

English Cathedrals Touring Programme, ‘Contemporary Iconography’.

Truro cathedral (2 times)
Exeter cathedral (3)
Gloucester cathedral
Worcester cathedral (2)
Wells cathedral (3)
Hereford cathedral
Bristol cathedral
Tewksbury Abbey (2)
Southwell Minster
Winbourne Minster

Artist in Residence:

Tewksbury Abbey

St. Nicholas, Dorset

Also exhibited abroad:

Ruskin Hall, (sub of Central School of Art). 1962-64. Birmingham, England,


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