Chris Kampf

CK Garden Sculptures, Somerset.


After leaving Leicester Poly with a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing (a long long time ago), Chris designed jewellery for several years. Expanding to sculpture in the early 1990’s led to the creation of Rex the Mouse and numerous cartoon animals in recycled steel. Selling in Camden Lock and Covent Garden, later moving on to sell through galleries throughout the UK and Europe. Since 2011 Chris has been working on garden sculpture, which has now completely taken over. In 2016 a new workshop and gallery at the end of the garden have given Chris some much needed space. His work became larger than the shed leading to alfresco welding! The gallery space is constantly in use, able to facilitate local artists during Somerset Art Weeks is September.

Chris takes natures beautiful designs, simplifies them to create eye catching architectural structures that suit both the traditional and modern garden. Ferns, being his original inspiration, now the Somerset countryside plays a large part. Roadside verges packed with grasses, cow parsleys and teasels are great to work on. This year’s project: MAY CONTAIN SEEDS… has begun well with inspiration from the menace dandelion and its angelic seeds.

The stylised ferns and plant stems are unusual and their size gives them presence. The majority of his creations move in the breeze pleasingly.

Chris uses oxyacetylene and mig welding to produce designs which either have a highly polished or rusted finish. These are then oil coated, giving them a deep satin patina. Both pleasing to the eye and most tactile. All his sculptures contain some recycled steel from local builders.

Contact details

Phone: 01935 827836 / 0775 3520479

Email: [email protected]



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