My current work is an investigation and reflection upon human nature and specifically our perception of ‘consciousness’ as it reflects inner and outer landscapes. Opening the door to the mysterious figures, archetypes, creatures and dreamscapes, allows fragments of alchemy, myth and story to emerge, re-enchanting our mundane lives.


Current inspiration has come from research and appreciation of a number of artists from a range of backgrounds and contemporary practice: Dean Melbourne in his exploration of natural and elemental themes, Deedee Cheriel with her almost illustrative style mixing symbolism, mysticism and magical imagery, the visionary paintings of Meinrad Craighead and the surrealist paintings of Remedios Varo  and Leonora Carrington.


Exploring the edges of dreamscapes and natural landscapes, human and animal, and wild and civilised, these imagined realms have led my work to reflect upon myths and folk tales both modern and ancient.


Using a variety of media including oils, acrylics, chalks, pastels and inks, I engage narrative and image to create connections to the world within and around me.

Whether working on miniatures or large canvases, most paintings take a few weeks to be fully conceived, as the building of layers of paint and colour are added over time and new characters and landscapes are evoked. Occasionally paintings begin as simple doodles or sketches which grow, transform and evolve to relate a story or reflect an inner state or emotion as the imagery is applied to paint.


Drawing is a predominant factor of my work, often a collection of disparate sketches will be brought together and melded in order to amalgamate different emotions, aspects of consciousness or ideas which at first could not be reconciled. Keeping sketch books and drawing from observation and directly from imagination and dream imagery enables themes to emerge. When painting, I often add pencil or chalk over layers of paint creating texture which highlights something pictorial or emphasises specific areas of an image.


Presently I have been exploring tales from around the world that contain  creatures or humans encapsulated in or growing from the fruits and flowers of plants.


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