Natural Conversations
Plants, growth, colours, forms and shapes, were a strong feature in my early life, growing up in Guernsey, on a flowers and tomato vinery. This influence never left me, but grew stronger and developed into an art practice, that echoes the areas where life has taken me. From art college, printmaking studios, art education and film animation, to the four acre small holding in Cornwall, where I live now. Here Nature is invited to flourish, by planting indigenous trees, wild flower meadows, wild life friendly spaces and corridors along with an orchard and vegetable garden.
My art work, Natural Conversations, reflects my passion to champion the small forgotten areas, such as the field edges, hedgerows, waysides and plants and creatures that live there. I use natural materials and textures, which I carefully select, preserve and then bring them to life, with paint and colour, highlighting, the surface, searching for the intrinsic patterns, delicate forms and structures and observed movement and gently manipulate, to create a dialogue. For some works, the texture, becomes the surface, onto which I add, related images. My work has simple messages and stories about everyday life, in the natural world. It also speaks about connectivity and the value and fragility of Nature and the challenges, facing our ever diminishing country side.
Contact details
Tel 01637860804 bridgitsweeney@btinternet.com