Anna is artist in residence at Powderham Castle, her studio can be found in the castle grounds, where she primarily paints wildlife and figurative carefree artworks. All of her works showcase vibrant colours and strong layering technique. Initially trained in traditional fine art, her work retains a modernity to it, which is juxtaposed by her subject matters - childhood memories, mythology and folklore.

Her eclectic inspiration marries well with the array of art materials used in her creative process. In a single painting, you may well find spray paint, oils, glitter, fine metals - the list goes on! Always returning to her favourite mediums; charcoal, acrylic and resin, often producing large scale paintings on boards.

Anna is well known for her community art projects, which have been featured in the national and international media. Her ethos being inclusivity and accessibility of art to all, often inviting people into her creative process at her studios in Exeter’s high-street and Powderham Castle. Anna encourages people to visit her while she works, she thrives off community, collaboration and conversation.

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