Al Cazu (Alan G Williamson)
Artist In Cornwall

Al was born in London, but has travelled much of the world and spent many years sailing. He arrived in Cornwall in 1996 and has since then painted much of the Cornish Coastline and landscapes around the Southwest of England. He works with a variety of mediums but often watercolours are his preferred choice.

He has lectured and taught art and design, along with exhibiting his own work both sides of the Atlantic and throughout Europe. His artwork is not restricted to reflecting on nature, it often carries a narrative that is philosophical and sometimes even political.

The pictures that are on this website are examples of what he is developing for his next book, that is to be titled ‘JigSaw’.

To view a comprehensive collection of Al’s artwork please visit his website at:
If there is an artwork that you would like for yourself or for a gift, even if the work is already sold, it may be available in print form or as a limited addition print. Please enquire.

To view Al’s most recent work and creative endeavors visit:

Also available are nine published books that contain his artwork plus his autobiography. These are all available at:

Unless negotiated otherwise: If you buy an original artwork created by Al we reserve the right to publish it within one of his books or as a digital print. This is an advantage to yourself because this provenance increases the value of the original greatly.

For more information please contact:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07745606275

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