Wild Swimming original oil painting by Geoff Sellick


By: Geoff Sellick


Wild Swimming 50 x 50 cm oil and cold wax painting on archival paper on wooden block on 75 cm square box frame

Geoff Sellick Paintings

Devon Landscape Oil Painting by Geoff Sellick at Furzeleigh Mill.

One of a kind landscape-inspired artwork.

‘Wild Swimming’ landscape oil and wax painting

Inspired by views from Dartmoor to the Devon coast.

I have spent most of my life living in South Devon between the moors and coast. My paintings are inspired by the ever-changing light and colour in the surrounding countryside.  The paintings are impressions asking and empowering the viewer to interpret their own imagery and stories behind the paintings. I work in oil with cold wax, other mixed media, and textures directly onto oil paper which I then mount onto wooden blocks.


My paintings are images which, although imagined are abundant in my local Devon countryside.  Applying layers of oil and a cold wax mix I gradually build up layers, scraping away areas to reveal the colours below.  I often like to emphasise and exaggerate colour to give a more uplifting image. Sometimes starting with areas of gilding wax to give an additional depth and focus, adding textures with marks or, local fine sand mixed into the medium.

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Dimensions 75 × 75 × 4 cm

Oil Painting