Turquoise and Cream Coast to Coast Seaside Style Set of 5 Beads


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These beads are handmade one at a time by me. Rods of coloured glass are melted in a flame and the glass manipulated in various ways the create the design. The beads go from the flame to a hot kiln where they are cooled overnight resulting in a strong and durable product you can reply on.




Diameter approx 18mm
Thickness at widest point (centre) approx 5mm.
Hole approx 2mm

N.B You will not get the exact beads in the photo’s (the photo’s actually show 2 different groups of beads) but the difference will be minimal, if you wish I can send a photo of the exact beads on request.

These beads can be made to order in a wide range of other colours, please contact me for details.