Tranquility. BY MERLE SLID Oil and cold wax on canvas 50 x 60 cm


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Inspired by pure, clear landscapes, I often paint stories of rebirth and new life beginning in locations of disasters and destruction. At times of political conflict and environmental disruption, I like to use landscapes and scenes of nature as a way to illustrate an idea, tell a story or conceptualise a metaphor. Working on “Tranquility” I tried to keep away any hint that could refer to the presence of a human being, to see how the world looks like without it. Can we keep the views like this for future generations, to create something good or will we destroy beautiful places in the course of our actions? At the same time, the result I approached could be a background to something that has been forgotten a long time ago without any trace or for something which is happening later- today, tomorrow, after centuries. I used a mixture of high-quality contemporary oil paints and cold wax painting medium. In addition, I used the cold wax medium to finish my work instead of ordinary vanish and it gives my work an extraordinary smoothness I was looking for.