Stylish sterling silver circle pendant, doubles as spectacles/ sunglasses holders, hammered finish, hand dyed silk cord in a choice of colours


This simple, stylish, sterling silver pendant doubles up as the ideal place to hook your spectacles or sunglasses.
Perfect for the summer, on those sunny days when your popping from your garden to house, you never need search for the last place you put your glasses down again !
The silk cord is long enough to slip over your head and the length of the pendant can be adjusted to suit your outfit by simply sliding the fancy silver tube along the cord.
Two beautiful colours of hand dyed silk cord are entwined together, combined with the handcrafted silver hoop with the hammered finish, what she not to love !

Have one in your two favourite colours, contact me for more info.

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I’m never happier than hammering a piece of silver and turning a flat surface into something beautiful. The finish on the silver circle catches the light perfectly and will glint, sparkle and be much admired.

Handcrafted from sterling silver and hand dyed silk cord, this stylish  pendant doubles as spectacles/ sunglasses holders and can be easily adjusted to different lengths.
At full length it slips over your head and then by simply sliding the fancy silver tube along the cord you can shorten it to wherever you desire.
Tuck one arm of your glasses through the silver hoop and they will sit flat against your chest. All the jump rings are soldered so nothing can pull apart and the hand dyed silk cord is colour fast so the whole item can be gently hand washed in warm soap water.

Diameter of  hoop – 30 mm

Contact me to choose with your bespoke pendant in your two favourite colours.(see image below main picture)