Stem Gingers


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Set of three.

Three different sized tall flowing stems with elegant round pad leaves on slender branches. They are delicate enough to move in the breeze, yet strong enough to cope with a windy day. These sculptures look good in flowerbeds as well as on their own on the lawn. The name I gave them is very literal; these are the first ornamental stakes created. The long stems became very gingery as they rusted in the garden! Hence the title, nothing to do with ginger.


The Stem Gingers are individually staked into the ground, so they can be displayed however you like, depending on your positioning. I find having the tallest in the middle and facing all the round pads in the same direction most effective.


The Stem Gingers are welded in steel and allowed to rust outdoors for several weeks. Once they have gained an interesting patina they can be sanded down and oiled. The oil used dries very much like a paint and gives each piece a much darker, earthy colour (compared to natural rust) and a lovely sheen too.


While my sculptures can’t be called ‘limited editions’ I do only create a few of each sculpture each year. I love to work on new designs and commissions which guarantee that there is no time for a production line! It also means I don’t tire from creating every design, tweaking a little bit here and there, making each one different.

Total size: 250cm x 100cm x 70cm