Slimbridge Water


Oil and oilbar painting on specialist Arches oil-paper, 30 x 30cm (12×12 inches), showing floodwater moorland scene with rainstorm.

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Oils and oilbars on specialist Arches oil-paper, measuring 30cm x 30cm (12×12 inches approx). Unframed. Flatlands near the River Severn are home to thousands of waterfowl, notably at Slimbridge. This scene is a typical one of floodwaters amongst the waving reeds, backed by the ever-present lines and clumps of willow and other assorted straggling low-lying trees.

A mix of tube-oil and waxy oilbars has been used to create the rainclouds, scudding over the widespread reedbeds.

The work, being on paper, should be framed with a mountboard and behind glass.

It will be packed flat between protective card, paper and boards before its final packaging and dispatch.