Window into Eternity


This artwork is a labour of love, taking many months to paint. Whilst a simply image on the canvas, it is this simplicity that engenders the essence of the work. Here my sole purpose and objective was to attempt to realize the invisible – namely the notion of ‘PRESENCE’. This relates to divine presence or human presence. The painting is an invitation to enter the portal, window as a gateway to the sublime. It is here that you may meditate, reflect, or contemplate whilst viewing the work.

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A painting which reflects the ‘Presence’ – divine/human presence. A painting that requires quete reflection, contemplation.

I have been working for many years on the notion of ‘Presence’, divine/human presence producing abstract imagery depicting portals or windows or gateways that allow the viewer to enter, be absorbed or contemplate, reflect on others and themselves. This process has been realized from studying and understanding the significance of traditional Greek Orthodox icons. Oils on Canvas. 122 x 100cm.