Osprey at Stourhead

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An original painting of an Osprey under the Temple of Apollo at the Stourhead Lake

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Every Spring and Autumn Ospreys migrate to Africa and back to the UK stopping off on the way to refuel. They migrate alone, stopping at favourite feeding sites along the way – sometimes for a week or so.  The lakes running down to Gasper from Stourhead provide just such a refuelling stop.  This osprey overlooked by the Temple of Apollo, a fish in its talons climbs and banks left to avoid the trees.

Stourhead is Owned by the National Trust a Palladian house with a world-famous landscape garden. The centrepiece is a magnificent lake reflecting classical temples, mystical grottoes, and rare and exotic trees.  The Temple of Apollo is just one on the classical structures overlooking the lake

Original Acrylic on Board 300 x 300 framed 400 x 400