“Onca” by Andrew Lewis (artarl)


By: Andrew Lewis


Onca – or Panterra Onca is the latin name for the Jaguar. I was blessed to be able to use a stunning reference photo by Jessica Coverley and I made up the background and branch to produce my first ever ‘big cat’ drawing. I just loved the focus and edginess of the stare, quiet but ready, not resting but not ready to pounce. Watching.

I only used about 15 pencils – ochre, orange, red, black, walnut, terracotta, raw umber, burnt carmine and some greens and greys.
Non commissioned works like this allow a freedom to express and learn new stuff. This was underlaid with much more tonal contrasts than I’ve ever done before – almost the whole page was washed with undercoat colour. It took approximately 40 hours to draw – I spent most time on the face, ears and paws.

I hope you like it.

Additional information

Dimensions 21 × 29.7 cm

Faber Castell Polychromos pencils on Polydraw 050 Double Matt drafting film