The Old Birnbeck Pier In Weston-super-Mare


Soft pastel painting of the old Birnbeck pier of Weston-super-Mare at low tide on a late afternoon and under a soft drizzle, with light soft the Welsh coast in the background.

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Soft pastel painting of the old crumbling Birnbeck Pier in Weston-super-Mare on a late afternoon with drizzling rain. Lights on the the Welsh coast can be seen in the distance, whereas the main subject is the rusty and yet still elegant structure of the pier seen from the mainland. When I first saw this pier, I had to think of Hiroshige’s famous wood block print of a bridge under the rain and of Whistler’s ‘Old Battersea Bridge’, which inspired me for my composition and for deciding from which perspective the pier could look at its most dramatic best. I decided to paint it at low tide, so that one has a full view of the pillars and their technological intricacies.

The more I paint the more I realise that the colours I am most confident with range from blues and greys to soft browns – ideal for painting the sea of the Bristol Channel and at that for West Country land- and seascapes under a dark sky. I have a particular affection for this old pier and hope that this shines through my painting.


The painting comes in a ‘shabby chic’ cream coloured wooden frame.