Looming out from the surrounded chaos BY Chris Horner




Chris Horner

This artwork is made from sack paper an old plaster bag. In 2017 it was a completely different artwork, titled ‘Plastered Trace’ it was a small sculpture. The black paint on the surface was used to map in all the transformations found on the surface. In 2020 I changed the small sculptural form into a painting. Soon after doing this I was invited to take part in a London Group exhibition called; ‘In Plain Sight’ at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery. Each artist was instructed to hide an object inside their artwork, but where it still had to be partially seen. The object in this artwork is a tool that I work with a lot when supporting my dad in the building trade. I used the tool to cut the random marks into the wax that can be seen in the centre of the artwork.

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Dimensions 48.7 × 44.5 cm