Kilve Beach, New Year’s Day


By: David Bowyer


The fabulous rock formations of Kilve Beach on north Somerset’s Jurassic coast are perfectly picked out by the low midwinter sunlight as seen at low tide on a very calm New Year’s day. The cliffs behind the beach are famous for their ammonites and other fossils, which are also occasionally to be found amongst the swirling lines and patterns of the rocks running out into the Bristol Channel. The absolute clarity of the winter light on this particular afternoon was utterly magical, as the westering sun lit up some of the rocks and stones with a golden light in perfect contrast with the sharp blue reflections from the sky. This seemed to demand a very crisp and concise painting style.

Oil on stretched canvas. Unframed: 55 x 33 x 2cm.  Price includes insured delivery.

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Dimensions 55 × 33 cm
Kilve Beach, New Year's Day

oil painting