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Set of five

Rising up into the sky, these are one of the tallest sculptures I have made. These are like explosions on stems and were inspired by the energy of fireworks, the only sculpture of mine not based on plant form. Their title evolved as the tops reminded me of frogs feet from the jungle. The five stems are different heights and sizes, giving them a sense of a growing plant reaching for the light. Echoing the stems, there are five round pads on each shoot. Their slender stems enables movement from the lightest of breezes, yet, they can withstand strong winds.


My favourite feature is their silhouette, standing underneath them and looking up, watching the sky passing up above is very relaxing. There are several images for you to see. With this in mind, positioning in the garden is quite important. Beside a path, seat or in a glade is ideal. Despite their height, they do not take up much ground space, so can fit in smaller gardens too.


The Jungle Feet are welded in steel and allowed to rust outdoors for several weeks. Once they have gained an interesting patina they can be sanded down and oiled. The oil used dries very much like a paint and gives each piece a much darker, earthy colour (compared to natural rust) and a lovely sheen too.


While my sculptures can’t be called ‘limited editions’ I do only create a few of each sculpture each year. I love to work on new designs and commissions which guarantee that there is no time for a production line! It also means I don’t tire from creating every design, tweaking a little bit here and there, making each one different.


Total size: 3m x 1.5m x 1.5m