HEART OF STONE by Tamsin Dearing


41.5cm wide x 46 cm high


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Tamsin Dearing

Heart of Stone is a highly detailed study of hands cupping a heart shaped stone, cradled as perhaps an offering, or to keep it safe.

The inspiration for this artwork came from Tamsin’s love of hands studies, and a chance finding of this heart shaped stone on a Cornish beach. She was sat in the sand at Porthluney on Mid Cornwall’s South coast, and spied the stone a few inches away froom her feet. Sure that when she picked it up it would not retain the heart shape suggested by the sand laying on it, Tamsin was thrilled to discover this was in fact it’s form, and she knew straight away that this would become a part of a drawing one day.

Original pencil drawing, created with graphite pencil on white paper.

Professionally presented in a matt white frame and ready to hang in your home.

Framed size: 41.5cm wide x 46 cm high.