Sunset over a hilly landscape inspired by Somerset – painting in soft pastels with a reduced palette of colours.

The painting, framed in a bespoke dark wooden frame and ready to hang, measures 34cm x 34cm

25% of sale proceeds goes to charity.

Art Buyers: Visualise how this would look at home! If you send us a photo of your home, we can digitally insert this artwork onto your wall. This is a complementary free service.



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A rural evening scene in soft pastels; for this painting of a hilly landscape at sunset I have used a reduced range of colour hues to create an atmosphere of calm, serenity and stillness and a harmony of shapes and lines. The landscape is inspired by the region in Somerset I live in, but it is painted from memory  Рmostly memories of viewing wonderful sunsets from the top of the Quantocks down into the valley Рand therefore not a specifically recognisable place.

The painting comes in a bespoke wooden frame of bluish-grey colour, perfectly matching the dominant tone of the landscape.

  • View more from: Alexandra Lavizzari
  • View more from: Alexandra Lavizzari
  • View more from: Alexandra Lavizzari