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Limited edition stainless steel, falling dandelion seeds. There will only be 25 of these created, each numbered with a recycled lead token.

The three seeds are tumbling down from the sky…..heading towards your lawn. Luckily, they appear to have landed on a lovely chunk of oak. As the seeds are half a meter across, it’s just as well they won’t be able to germinate!

The umbrellas are made from many polished steel rods, while the stem and seed pod are brushed stainless. They reflect the light and stand out particularly well with a darker background, like an evergreen hedge, trees or a wall. Another lovely feature is that they will move a little in the breeze, adding extra interest.

The three seeds on their own are 150cm tall and with their oak plinth, stand nearly 2m.

There will be a small amount of care required for stainless, a wash with a little soapy water if they become dusty. Dry afterwards.

Size: 2m x 60cm x 60cm