Commission Pieces

Commissioning art is a fun experience. It is a collaboration between artist and art collector. feel free to contact me whether it is a cat or dog or donkey, woodland or outer space!

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Commission Pieces

Please contact me if you would like a Commision. It is great fun collaborating on fun ideas, I likes  to create something unique and bespoke, often incorporating  whimsical themes. I have found that working on commissions is how I am pushed outside of my comfort zone, for example my latest brief is a tranquil woodland with a matt finish that can be looked at for hours. im really enjoying the challenge!   because of my wonderful ADHD mind I take on far too much and get sidetracked so expect there to be a turn around time of 6 weeks, longer if I am extra busy.

There is Free postage in the UK and subsidised postage world wide.


Pricing –

Resin Finish
40cm x 40cm board (framed 50cm x 50cm in white, black or grey) – £450
60cm x 60cm board (framed 70cm x 70cm in white, black or grey) – £600
80cm x 80cm board (framed 90cm x 90cm in white, black or grey) – £800

Paper Finish
30cm x 40cm (framed 50cm x 60cm approx.) from £250*
40cm x 60cm (framed 60cm x 80cm approx.) from £350*
100cm x 90cm plus (framed) from £550*

*additional £30 for chunky frames