Size 40 x 25 x 2 cm. Unframed, UK shipping included. Buyer can also collect. International shipping can be arranged at buyer’s cost.

25% of sale proceeds given to Children’s Hospice South West.

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The wonderful world of acrylic pouring is a most exciting and exhilarating style of painting.

Everyday I create something new, in the form of either a canvas, beautiful ceramic tiles, boxes and even table tops.


Using the various and inspiring techniques of fluid art, each piece takes on a magical life of its own, with a little expert guidance from me. This creates a truly unique work that can never be reproduced. Part of the addiction I have to acrylic pouring.


Bejewelled was created by applying lines of different colour acrylic paint until the canvas was almost covered. Then by a careful tilting technique, the colours blended to produce a vivid, jewelled effect of different colours. Bejewelled has a gloss, varnish finish, bringing out the vibrancy of the colours.


This is an original and signed and can never be recreated.