After The Rain


Soft pastel painting of a broad street in Rome, Italy, after a rain shower with reflections of lit buildings and cars.

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Soft pastel painting of a large urban street flanked by lit buildings and with a few cars, just after a heavy rain shower. Although one associates Italy with sunny weather, my experience during my 10 years in Rome was that it used to rain often and quite intensely during autumn and winter. This road is actually the Via Appia Nuova, a very busy road leading south of Rome which has nothing of the ancient beauty of Via Appia Antica, but is busy, noisy and rather ugly. Sometimes, though, extreme weather conditions bring another beauty to light: reflections of colourful lights and sudden light patches in a dark sky. My idea was to give an impression of Roman every day life far from the tourist landmarks. Skies are one of my favourite subjects, because they can change so quickly and therefore are, like the cars in this picture, a symbol of the fleeting moments of life. The challenge was to render the atmosphere of a rainy evening but also to give a sense of of vastness in an typical Italian suburbia.

The painting has white mount and a modern white wooden frame.