Martin BUsh exhibition

Oriental Blossom Series 2020

Created during the pandemic, Martin’s new series of work reflects a sense of hope and optimism for the future.  
This vibrant series takes the cherry blossom as it’s central theme.  A flower that is full of symbolism, derived from Buddhism. In the wild it is often found growing on wasteland or marshland. Yet, from these humble roots it produces a bloom of incredible beauty and purity.   The flower therefore, symbolises transformation from evil to good and the start of new life and hope. 
Martin wants his paintings to provide a moment of peace, calm and space where the realisation will grow that ‘whatever we have to deal with day to day, is just a moment’. Suffering is caused by the conflict between the illusion of how we believe things should be and the reality of our daily lives. He believes that by removing these expectations a simpler, happier and less stressful life can be led.

Thai Temple and Buddha influenced work

Martin has over his 20+ years as an artist traveled and made Thailand his second home and has made great connection with people in the art business as well as painted when he is able in his other world.

In 2017 he embarked on one of his major series titled :Jewel Temple” with over 30 works all inspired by the world of Thailand its Temples and the peoples culture. He also would like to mention his work was also influenced by the Beach with the colours and feeling one gets in a relaxed place with such beautiful places that he has been lucky enough to absorb.

In the Abstract


Martin has in his time as an artist been much loved and more than most worked in the abstract and has been prolific in his work with over 50 works having been created each year so quite an impressive amount of work in his time as an artist.

He reckons he has sold well over a 1000 works of art and cant put a number on how much he has produced but he says each one seems to flow from the last. Sometimes he has larger gaps between each work or series of work which gives him a difference in his approach yet there does seem to be a natural flow coming through when you look back through his catalogue.

This section shows a small exhibition from this work and celebrates he diverse skills and love of colour and movement that he says is all about him being connected to nature through subconscious thought and that is what helps him create such wild and free paintings where the eye can dance within a piece..