Artwork Under £100

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THE KISS BY SARAH SMITH – £80.00FREE BY SARAH SMITH – £80.00ABSTRACT ROSE BY CLAUDIA FURST – £36.00ROSE LIPS 2 BY CLAUDIA FURST – £36.00ROSE LIPS 1 BY CLAUDIA FURST – £36.00Mystical BY NAOMI RUSHER – £70.00Sea Shells BY NAOMI RUSHER – £50.00In The Glade BY NAOMI RUSHER – £50.00Slipstream BY NAOMI RUSHER – £70.00Surf Break BY NAOMI RUSHER – £70.00Soft Bloom BY NAOMI RUSHER – £65.00Deep blue sea BY DONY MILAN – £70.00Sunset in London BY DONY MILAN – £98.00The old light house BY DONY MILAN – £95.00The tree of Life BY DONY MILAN – £95.00Water lilies BY DONY MILAN – £85.00Sea sunset BY DONY MILAN – £78.00Sunset with apricot BY DONY MILAN – £225.00Fantasy world BY DONY MILAN – £95.00Still life BY DONY MILAN – £85.00Sunset in the desert BY DONY MILAN – £78.00Natural Explorations 06, BY TILLY WHITWELL – £90.00Natural Explorations 2 BY TILLY WHITWELL – £80.00Natural Explorations 1 BY TILLY WHITWELL – £80.00‘Whispering black trees’. BY SUE WORKER – £70.00‘Over the cliff’ BY SUE WORKER – £70.00‘Flame headed girl’ BY SUE WORKER – £70.00‘Sulis Minerva’ BY SUE WORKER – £80.00‘Green Man Bronze’ BY SUE WORKER – £70.00‘In our Poppy Fields’ BY SUE WORKER – £60.00‘Magnolia in bloom’ BY SUE WORKER – £60.00NOSEY PORKIES BY SUE WORKER – £70.00THREE LADIES IN THE SNOW BY SUE WORKER – £70.00BERTIE BY SUE WORKER – £70.00HERA GREEN BY JON PROCTOR – £30.00POSIEDON BROWN BY JO PROCTOR – £30.00POSIEDON BLUE BY JON PROCTOR – £30.00HERA BROWN BY JON PROCTOR – £30.00ROSE DROPS BY CLAUDIA FURST – £6.00GRAFFITI ROSE BY CLAUDIA FURST – £36.00CONTRIVED NATURE BY CLAUDIA FURST – £39.00BLACK LILY BY CLAUDIA FURST – £39.00CROSS WINDS BY JOSEPHINE MATTHEWS – £50.00ROCK AND MINERALS BY JOSEPHINE MATTHEWS – £50.00WATER CRYSTALS #2 – £50.00WATER BUDS BY JOSPHINE MATTHEWS – £50.00OIL AND WATER PUDDLES JOSEPHINE MATTHEWS – £50.00Nunney Brook, Nunney, Somerset – £80.00Nunney Castle – £80.00Via Crucis. St John the Baptist church, Frome, Somerset – £80.00Cheap Street, Frome, Somerset – £80.00Catherine Hill, Frome, Somerset – £80.00Castle Combe, Wiltshire – £80.00The George Inn, Nunney, Somerset – £80.00Cheap Street , Frome Somerset [Sepia tone] – £80.00Gentle Street, Frome, Somerset – £80.00The Pepperpot, Cheap Street, Frome, Somerset – £80.00@30,000 Feet – £100.00Memories of Squamish – £100.003 Trees – £100.00