“Cornish Harbour Homage to Troika”

“Cornish Harbour Homage to Troika’ makes reference to the distinctive style of the famous Cornish art pottery.  What drew you to creating this work and has Troika been influential to your practice?”

Although i now live in Somerset , Cornwall still plays a large part in my life . I have always had a passion for ceramics , especially studio pottery The colours and shapes of Troika pottery were very much the inspiration for my work Cornish Harbour homage to Troika . The blue’s and earth colours of the pottery are very evocative of the west Cornwall landscape , and the angular shapes of the actual pottery itself was a factor in this work

The Garden Room

In your work you often combine elements of photography, art and mixed media techniques. Can you tell us more about this in regard to your work ‘The Garden Room?

In this work i have used several different elements including hand made paper , foliage collected from the countryside near my village , these have been scanned and photographed and blended using photographic software to create this particular work 


” Your Painting ‘Seascapes Abstract Art’ captures the movement and power of the waves.  What techniques do you use in your seascapes to capture the power and energy of the breaking waves?”

This work is a combination of my photographic image of Porthtowan beach in Cornwall combined with a painting which i created using acylics on canvas and creating marks with wood to represent the waves . I enjoy this kind of combination it produces interesting effects.

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