Tell us about your series of happy cat paintings.  What inspired you to create this series?”

I live with five cats at the moment, I really think an artists surrounding influences their work. Also I feel people relate better to the emotions I paint ie jealousy, pride, smugness if I put them in cat form.

“Has your practice been influenced by a particular artist?

I paint from imagination so I try very hard to not be influenced. That means I  go to art shows that are very different to my style, I am inspired by poetry, sculpture more often. But I do love Chagall and Picasso. 

How did you set about creating your painting ‘Luna’.  Can you tell us more about your creative process”

I painted Luna in a basement under Exeter’s High street, literally under the road there. I love the shape of lurcher and grey hounds. This painting was all about the feel… I wanted it to be transitory, serene, strong and ethereal, that’s why I used pastel elements,mirror paint and lots of blues. 

Currently I am working on large rondi paintings that can be hung in several ways. I am loving working out the composition, it’s a challenge. I am also focusing on bigger statement pieces. These can be seen at Powderham castle where my studio is. 

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