How would you describe your style of work and what are the influences upon your practice? 

I focus predominantly on geometric abstraction and contemporary landscape in my work. As an artist with a background in psychology, my practice lies at the intersection between art and science. My fascination with human nature at the present stage of evolution manifests in geometric compositions with futuristic overtones. My concern for the environment transpires throughout my body of work, as I contemplate future outcomes through my art.

I am captivated by abstraction, yet I tend to incorporate figurative elements in my works, giving rise to enigmatic compositions. These often consist of weaving organic forms over the fabric of robotic geometry. I am a colourist at heart. I shape light and colour as the basis for my compositions to communicate emotion. At its essence, my work is intuitive. It is driven by emotion, informed by thorough research, and synthesised through visionary imagination.

Over the years I have developed an extensive art vocabulary that allows me to bring to life conceptualisations of mind and nature. As a result, my work manifests in blueprints of the mind, psychological icons in oils and acrylics. My exhibitions are immersive experiences into colour. I work with the colours of nature to generate intense, yet elegant contrasts, and a unique esthetic. I create a world of chromatic intensity, dynamic forms, and geometric perfection.

“The Cosmic Tree”

What was your starting point in art and how did you develop your idea from initial conception to final piece? 

I have been involved in the arts from an early age. Growing up, I discovered art in its many facets, and explored several disciplines. Studying the history of art was a turning point. I developed an interest in sacred geometry in my twenties. A highlight of my career was the opportunity to conduct research into the mandala structure in McLeod Ganj, the home of the Tibetan people in exile. Witnessing their artwork and process was extraordinary. So was meeting the Dalai Lama and Karmapa Lama! Although I no longer follow the strict laws of geometry, this influence has stayed with me. I still, to this day, strive for perfection as a spiritual practice. 

Art, for me, is like breathing. It is a process of visual thinking, and is driven by emotion. My paintings have been referred to as ‘intimations of perfection’. They can take months to complete due to their high level of detail. I only start a painting once I have developed a strong conceptualisation of a given subject. I work in series, often on several paintings simultaneously. 

“Future Landscape”

How was lockdown for you, artistically?

During the pandemic years, I joined a TAOI collective based in London. Of course, it stands for ‘The Art of Isolation’. We actually managed to organise two gallery exhibitions between lockdowns! I also joined BeatMe Lab, an interdisciplinary art collective based in Barcelona, Spain. These connections were very motivating to my work. Those were incredibly intense and prolific times, and these artists helped me to channel the energy of those uncertain times to experiment with new media works. I created my most detailed works yet, works of geometric abstraction in a vivid palette. These will be published in the near future. I am now working on a series of LED paintings, while BeatMe Lab collective develops a video mapping of my new large scale triptych on the themes of social justice and ecology. This will be projected upon the triptych at the gallery, making it ‘come alive’.

“Light in the Darkest hour”

4. What lasting impact would you like your paintings to have upon the viewer? 

I create each of my paintings to be a world in itself. My paintings are intended to capture some of the life force. I ensure that my works include sufficient elements to engage the mind. Each of them means something to me. They are conceptual and, as a result, I often write about my art. I would hope that my paintings radiate emotional warmth through my use of colour. They are meant to provide a space to explore and reflect upon new ideas, events and emotions.  I wish that they engender a sense of awe at the beauty of life. At their essence is a sense of timelessness; compositions that encompass a sense of ‘Gestalt’, or unity and coherence. I guess this is the alpha and the omega of my art practice. I hope viewers will immerse themselves into the vivid emotive tales that I depict, and find new hope and beauty. 

Seven Sisters Abstracted

What is next for you?

I am currently participating with SW Art Gallery in a virtual exhibition in support of South West air ambulance trust. It is an honour to participate in this virtual exhibition alongside so many talented artists. It is for a great cause, and it is on until the 31st December.

I am currently participating in a group exhibition entitled ‘Teaching children about Racial Justice’ curated by Kyung Eun Lee and organised by Unbound Visual Arts (UVA), a non-profit arts organisation based in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a beautifully curated international show, and it is for a cause close to my heart. I feel honoured to participate with my paintings ‘Human Eclipse’ and ‘Sparks in the Dark’. I painted them upon the death of George Floyd, an event that shook the world during the pandemic. The full series of works will be published shortly as a book.

I am also participating in an exciting ecological project with the University of Huddersfield, entitled ‘Climate Action and Visual Culture’. The research that went into this project is excellent, and certainly a worthwhile read. I am proud to participate in this stunning virtual exhibition until November.I am also a writer. I am excited about my upcoming book on the psychology of art. It is research based, so a major undertaking! Last but not least, I will be holding a solo virtual exhibition entitled ‘Intimations of Perfection’ from December 20th through to January 7th. This show will include most significant works of the last five years, as well as my new series created during the pandemic and beyond. I am particularly excited about unveiling my new media works.

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